The Ninja Mega Kitchen Strategy 1500, by euro pro Operating LLC, could be your very affordable and complete professional top speed blender strategy, designed at less than $300.

Let us see whether it lives up to the hype.

That is undoubtedly the most strong high-heeled grinder we’ve used. I really like the way that it acts whilst the four widely used appliances for the kitchen within 1 package.

This highly effective highspeed blender packs a whopping 1500 Watts, also a robust 2 horsepower engine, and twists around 24,000 RPM. This really can be a much comparison to the majority of conventional blenders that twist about 8,000 RPM.

After spending time setting our Ninja Gourmet Kitchen during its paces, I’m writing this reasonable and unbiased overview of this Ninja Gourmet Kitchen Strategy 1500. I really expect to talk about all the advantages and pitfalls, the superior and not too good of the hot high-speed blender.

The Ninja Gourmet Kitchen Strategy 1500 Can Be a 4-in-One blender Which Includes the Options of your frequently used Appliances at a single handy, space-saving, and cheap Kitchen Gadget:

With the Ninja Mega you receive the following attributes in a single:

Highspeed Blender using 1500 Watts, two H P and twists around 24,000 RPM.

You will receive yourself a juicer which rivals the very best juicers available in the sector.

Makes bread or simmer for bread, pasta, cakes, or biscuits in addition to that pricey stand-mixer.

You will receive yourself a food processor or that combines, mixes, chops, minces, and emulsifies that your ingredients.

With the Ninja Gourmet Kitchen Strategy 1500, you obtain the four main appliances for the kitchen within a single whole system for your fee of merely one of these simple kitchen gadgets, and because you purchase everything in 1 package, you will save plenty of space in your kitchen countertops or cabinets.

  • Professional 1500 Watt, two Horsepower Base
  • 72 oz BPA Free Pitcher
  • 6 4 oz BPA Free Bowl
  • Two — 20 Oz Single-serve Cups (BPA-free)
  • 2 — Single-serve Cup lids Dough Blade
  • 6 blade prep
  • 4 blade prep
  • Single-serve Blade Assembly
  • Manual along with Recipe Book

Even the Ninja Mega includes a few distinctive builtin security features created for security and also to secure your grinder from harm to provide you with years of usage and enjoyment.

The Ninja grinder foundation has 4 rubber cups onto the base of the bottom. They have to be locked or your Ninja blender won’t switch on. The suction cups keep the bottom place on the counter once the Ninja grinder is switched on.

Hammering down the lever into the locked symbol adjusts the bottom to some surface, and also pushing up the lever to the UN Lock emblem sparks the suction plus you’re able to move the bean.

The 72-ounce pitcher and 6 4 ounce Bowls have a fastener in the lid that has to be pushed and fastened to the handle along so the blender won’t start.

As soon as you unlock the lid by simply pushing the button in addition to the lid, then the engine turns away. This prevents the components from pops outside, and also to reduce injury to you or damage to the system.

You’re able to block the engine by hitting the power button to the bottom or simply by pressing on lock/unlock button onto the lid. Pressing the power switch on the bottom brings the grinder into a slow stop while pressing on the block button releases the fastener onto the lid, and also the blender concerns an instantaneous stop.

The engine spins up to 24,000 RPM when compared with a normal blender, which merely spins at 8,000 rotations a second.

The Ninja Mega can emulsify blend and extract the flesh skin, seeds, pit, and stalks from fruits and vegetables.

You can now make truly healthful and wholesome fresh fruit and vegetable drinks and smoothies at roughly 15-10 minutes. The engine spins at 24,000 RPM to discharge the hidden vitamins and nourishment, which are locked from the seeds, stem, and pits.

Simply fill out the single pour cup together along with your own natural and healthful ingredients, then twist on the lid. Set the cup from your Ninja Mega 1500 bottom and speedy twist to lock it into. Then change it on and press on the single-serve button at the ideal ending, with all the pictures of this cup using a straw. This stimulation the mix for approximately 5 minutes. Due to this 24,000 RPM engine, you just have to slip it around 1 -2 days and you are done. It’s so simple.

Every single morning my spouse produces a wholesome shake to choose to do the job out. She places the powder, fresh fruit, milk, and ice from the glass, then screws onto the lid, and then also sets it all at the bottom. I chased it, and also the shake has been done blending in approximately seven minutes.

This wholesome shake cost pennies in comparison to the exact identical size beverage in some of the juice pubs which costs $2 -$4 percent.


Why invest in a costly icecream manufacturer that can not do other things. Even the Ninja Gourmet Kitchen Strategy 1500 could be the sole higher-end blender available on the marketplace which also creates fresh, flavorful, and wholesome ice cream, minus the artificial flavors, colors, and sterile ingredients utilized in store-bought ice cream.

Once you taste fresh homemade ice cream made on your Ninja with ingredients that are natural and fruit. You won’t ever wish to eat store-bought ice cream!

It is possible to create as many as two Lbs of fresh bread, pizza bread, crepe and pancake batter, and sometimes perhaps cookie dough in minutes.

Have you been sick of spending 4 dollars or longer to get a smoothie or frappe? You can now create healthier and nutritious smoothies or frappes in minutes at home for a portion of the purchase price tag on the drinks from local coffee or coffee pub. You might even make flavorful mature beverages, for example, margaritas.

THE NINJA MEGA Can Also Be A Food-processor

Why mess your kitchen countertops or cabinet using a thick and bulky food chip? Even the Ninja Mega Kitchen Method 1500 isn’t only a blender, but it’s likewise a food processor or that rivals the capacities of the bulky and expensive machines.

The 6 4 and blade assemblies are removable for safe and easy cleaning. That is essential considering that the blade assemblies have become sharp. Simply washed on the top rack.

This is really actually a definite advantage within the vita-mix. This blender includes mended blades that can not be removed.

Employing a tamper might be frustrating if blending ingredients. A tamper isn’t required for this particular specific Ninja Blender, as the patented cyclonic mixing activity compels down the ingredients to the blades to fully swell, combine or pulverize the ingredients in seconds.

There are a couple of negatives of this Ninja Mega System 1500 I experienced:

  • The Ninja Sacred Kitchen Procedure 1500 is slightly loud.
  • It may combine ingredients, but cannot heat soup at the pitcher.

When you compare the Ninja Blender compared to Vitamix, then you’re searching for the finest high-speed blender. The Ninja Gourmet Kitchen Strategy 1500 and vita mix share the spotlight while the finest high-speed blenders available in the industry.

The blades around the vita-mix aren’t as sharp as people in the bean. For this reason,, you want a tamper to push down the ingredients to be combined. The patented cyclonic blending activity of this

Ninja Mega 1500 functions for being a vortex and actually compels down the ingredients to blades for fast and effortless mixing, blending, emulsifying, and processing without needing a tamper.

We looked to Client Reports whilst the finest impartial power which contrasted both blenders at a streak of headtohead evaluations.

With the exception of your own vita-mix having the capability to warm the ingredients into soup directly from the pitcher, and this is an advantage quality of this vita-mix, both blenders performed equally well on all criteria at the Consumer Reports test. The Ninja Gourmet Kitchen Strategy 1500 is just less expensive at $200 or not, versus $400 to $500 for its vita-mix.

What’s the WARRANTY?

Even the Ninja Mega Kitchen Strategy 1500 has a standard 12 months warranty from the day of purchase against defects in parts or manufacturing.