Tell us a little bit about how The Dark Verse Vol 1 was conceived?

This book came into form after I had spent a year writing and narrating a short story of occult, metaphysical, and fantastical horror every two weeks for my podcast under the same name, The Dark Verse. I decided that it would be especially intriguing to put a year’s worth of these stories (twenty-six) together into a physical, hardcover collection. I hired an editor, had one of my best friends do up some wicked art, and then had the book self-published in the middle of 2009.

What separates your book from all the other self-published horror authors?

I pull out all of the stops when it comes to the caliber of my books. I produce professional tomes that rival the quality of those books that even come from the big publishers. When you look at my books, you would most likely not believe that I had published them myself. My goal is to give my fans and customers more than just great stories; I want to give them something to cherish and be proud to display on their bookshelves. Beyond horror, I do not think there is any self-published author in any genre that produces hardcover books at the level of excellency I put forth.

How long did it take for the first edition to sell out and how long has it been since it was available?

The first edition of The Dark Verse, Vol. 1 sold out at the end of 2014, taking it five years to do so. At this point, it has been over a year since the book was available.

What horror authors have inspired you over the years?

The authors that have greatly inspired me are H.P. Lovecraft, Lord Dunsany, Clive Barker, C.S. Lewis, Michael Ende, and Dan Simmons.

What is it about horror, and dark stories that draw you to them?

What draws me to horror is the tremendous amount of fantastical potential it contains. There is no other genre that allows for such creativity; horror can be bizarre, beautiful, demented, ethereal, scary, inspiring, and so much more. Horror is a canvas upon which can be painted images that are dreadfully imprinted into the minds of those who view them in a way that no other genre can accomplish. There are no boundaries in horror.