Makita boast the world’s most significant 18 volt cordless resource series. This last tumble their 18 V Lithium-Ion cord-less resources range-up will attain 125 with a lot more equipment in the way. One of their new cordless resources is the Makita 18V X2 LXT Lithium-Ion (36 V) Brushless 7 ½’ Twin Slide Compound Miter Saw tool (XSL02Z). This saw will likely be a fantastic addition to cellular installers by permitting them to potential, accuracy and the opportunity to reduce extension cords over a career website. Imagine, acquiring the advantages of 36 V potential and run time without departing the 18 V program, brilliance!

My original thoughts on the Makita cordless miter saw is that it is compact and has clean gliding side rails. This is a cord-less miter saw with a 7 ½” blade but helps you a 2” x 12” cross minimize. I am just also surprised that being a portable contractor there are cord less miter saws out there for us. I really adore technology which makes my career faster, simpler and above all becomes me property quicker to find out our kids.

The Makita XSL02Z was rectangular right from the package, I checked out it with all the delivered plastic material rectangular along with a rate rectangular.


Just before it struck the job web site, Deprive Robillard and so i do a work-time check in the work shop. This check was timed to simulate typical task internet site utilization, and was our best wager at achieving real life software work-time information. We attempt to check instruments logically, whenever possible, and also rely on them from the industry, on true job-websites.

We fitted the saw with two brand new, entirely billed 5.0 ah LXT Lithium-Ion electric batteries. We set up an interval timer to allow 4-mere seconds to produce a minimize, and 10-seconds for your saw to rest. We performed 10 ongoing timed cuts and after that permit the saw relax 1-min. We repetitive this slicing series non-stop until the power packs passed away.

The full check got about 2 hours to accomplish. Although tests this saw the nonslip molded traction was comfy plus it really molded to my fingers. I also learned that when you find yourself on lower electric battery or close to the conclusion of your own batteries’ demand the electric brake lags. That delay time was only for the last 3-4 reductions.

The most important part of the analyze which everybody wishes to know is the way several cuts per fee. Effectively, we obtained 422 reductions in high quality pine 2” x 4.” Makita mailed the 7 ½ cord less miter saw making use of their 5.0 ah LXT Lithium-Ion batteries. The power packs had been completely charged then positioned in the saw to check the level of slashes per a fee. All I will say is amazing, I am just amazed.

The saw also performed well with the Makita 4. LXT Lithium-Ion battery packs. We had been utilizing them before the examination started to have a sense of the saw along with its functions and changes.

1 fact to notice, was that the Makita dust particles travelling bag loaded following 50 2” x 4” cuts. The travelling bag carries a built-in diverted that sends the dust left and ability to evenly disperse and load the dust particles case. Once we measured the cuts needed to fill up the dust bag, we linked it to your dust selection system for much better effectiveness. My opinion would be dust case operates adequately and approximately 90 % when attached to a vacuum system.


After the run-time examination we used this poor child for the industry on one of our job-websites. Very first job-internet site, was really a restroom transform. Jobs readily available during the day provided framing a shower area and some accomplish clip. Considering in around 29 lbs it absolutely was easy to carry the cordless miter saw in from the truck, and across the stairways for the basement. Regarding decreasing that day, it never skipped a defeat. The 36 V brushless electric motor plowed though all the 2 x framing we threw at it.

Switching from framing to finish clip was straightforward. I rotated the saw left and right with while using optimistic halts at 45 diplomas. I cut out an internal door and home window with 3 ½” colonial housing. I needed ideal, small miters with Makita’s stock 40 T blade.

Following the morning when it was time to clean up up and carry the saw back to the van, it was a fantastic change from carrying around a 12” glide. Another added bonus concerning this light-weight, portable saw was its compact footprint makes it easier to setup inside, not outside within the frosty or inclement weather.

This next venture the Makita Cordless Miter Saw was examined on was actually a new develop home set-up. Once again, The Makita cord less miter saw was compact, and lightweight body weight when have in and setting up. The delivered 40 teeth blade supplies reasonable, neat and easy cuts, even though I’d advocate swapping it by using a better quality blade.

When using this saw, I cut some 2” ridged foam to pad a edge joist in between the bays and getting the easy glide made this easy with clear reductions from the foam. In addition, i crosscut some ¾” AC plywood with 9 1/4’” thickness, once more effortless and convenient. Having this very little saw glide to 11 ¾” at 90 degrees is an important benefit.

I came across the saw to become in the quieter area plus liked the changing bolt [kick remain] for the bottom of the convert bottom, this may cause the saw very secure, when utilizing it.

Proposed Improvements

We have some enhancement recommends for the Makita XSL02Z cord less miter saw. I would have cherished to find out a Directed gentle to provide light for the blade place. Work-sites do not usually have the most effective lighting effects and achieving a LED light on the tools is only one way to get over that problem.

After that I discovered the vertical vise attach past the boundary forwards, I enjoy to offer the location with this vise just establish back a little further.

The saw will never work until you have 2 electric batteries connected, I might have enjoyed the possibility to have it are powered by one 18 V battery or maybe the two to provide you with that 36 V.

Last but not least, the extensions usually do not slide in and self retailer. You will have to keep them sticking outside in which I believe it cuts down on its compact foot produce.. Particularly when heading in residences to handle the punch collection and you simply dinged the door covering by making the extensions on. I have been utilizing the extension forearms on/off and also to store this saw and find it a frame of mind destroy.