Even the West Chicago Prairie Forest Preserve in West Chicago is just one of the greatest natural regions of the region. It comprises more than 600 species of creatures and plants. Volunteers invest their energy and time to help safeguard the Illinois ecosystem’s health, offering in looking after the place, the Forest Preserve District assist.

West Chicago Prairie comprises fishing lakes or no picnic spots. Visitors have an exceptional possibility to have a walk through a few of the lightest — and richest ecosystems of those states.

The Forest Preserve District along with also West Chicago Park District collectively own 11-5 yards of West Chicago Prairie.

Natural Scene

Along with upland and wetlands oak savannas, the preserve is also home to a few of the very diverse websites the Nature Preserve, in northeastern Illinois. It really is but one of eight nature keeps.

Even the Truitt-Hoff Nature Preserve has contained also a section of moraines, vegetation by the Northeastern Morainal Division and features from the Wisconsin Glacier. This remnant ecosystem has offered a 622 plant and animal species with specialized and rare habitats, several endangered or rare.

The region is known for Richard Truitt, the former mayor of West Chicago who detected that the website, along with also Melvern”Mel” Hoff, who given over 20,000 hours volunteer website caked to help manage it.

Because state law-abiding that efforts proceed to safeguard and deal with the Truitt-Hoff Nature Preserve and nature conserve soil, a more step by step management program has been adopted and designed by the District. It specifies and collaborates with rules such as the direction of state nature preserves, like the utilization of the region by teachers, scientists, and the general public.

Driving Guidelines

By Route 59, simply take Hawthorne Lane west and then turn south on Industrial Drive.

Many join together with all the Illinois Prairie Trail, which contributes out of this forest conserve and joins with the Reed-Keppler Park of West Chicago.

Horses and bicycles aren’t allowed in the woods preserve As the Truitt-Hoff Nature Preserve as well as nature conserve property covers every one West Chicago Prairie Forest Preserve, in compliance with the Illinois Natural Areas Preservation Act.


The claim has been prairie, scattering marsh and timber. The property was purchased approximately 1850 by the Union and Galena Railroad, today the Chicago and Northwestern, also maintained from them before it had been sold for development from the 1960s. Throughout the railroad age, there was a stockyard created, all through what is the prairie, and also a few grazing was allowed.

The District and the Town of West Chicago in 1979 bought the remnant prairie.

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