With the current crisis going on, one of the best gifts you can send to your loved ones are games since major cities in the world are on lockdown. People are really finding it hard to stay indoors all the time, and the worst part is that we don’t know when this crisis will last. We have to get used to enjoying our company at home, and one of the ways is by playing video games, playing video games and sharing your experience with others online can spark your day.

There are lots of games out there that will challenge you, this way you get hooked up and enjoy playing it for a long time. Once you find such games you should gift your loved ones to try the game also.

PlayStation 4 is the most popular gaming console available, while your spouse or loved ones are at home you can gift them amazing games you believe will lighten up their mood while staying at home. That’s why in this post we decided share how to share games with anyone, we’ll first explain whether it’s possible to gift games directly or is there a way to go about it, stay with us till the end to discover how it’s done.

Can You Really Gift A PlayStation 4 Game To Someone?

You can’t gift someone PS4 game directly, unless you’re buying the disc and then mailing it to them, that’s old fashioned way. another way is through gameshare, but still you’re placing your account at risk, because it involves login into your account and setting it up as your primary account on that console, this will place your PSN account at the risk of getting banned.

Is There A Solution?

For sure there is an alternative that allows you to offer gifts cards to anyone so that they can redeem the code and order any game they want. PlayStation gift cards are available at different retail outlets, both online and offline. eBay and Amazon should be your top priorities since you can find discount and also different amounts are available, right from smaller units that cost $10, to upward of hundreds of dollars. You can order small units such as $10 PSN Cards or $20 PSN cards and more.

When you find a game you want to gift someone, instead of buying and sending them hard copy on CD, you send them PSN gift card in amounts that’s equivalent to the price of the game. If for instance a game costs $50, you just need to order $50 PSN card and then send the code to anyone you wish to redeem the code from PSN Store, it’s as simple as that. You can have the physical card or it can be sent to you electronically, the most important thing is the Redeem code you need to take note, since it will be used to make purchases from PSN store.

You can now see that sending gift cards will simplify your day, sending gift cards will give your loved ones the freedom to buy any game they want or they can even buy other accessories, if you’re the type that doesn’t want to send money to their kids or spouse, you can send them PSN gift cards, since they can only use it on PSN store.

How To Send PSN Card

First you decide the amount you want to gift to someone, or you can visit your favorite store whether online or offline to choose from the packages available. You’ll find in $10, $20, $50, $100 and higher units. Choose the units you want to order and add to cart, I recommend you start with Amazon to avoid getting ripped off, even on amazon make sure to check for reviews.

Most sellers will give you the option to receive the card details either electronically or through mail. Choose the one that’s suitable for you, but in most cases the digital code is better since there no need to wait for mail to arrive, you’ll receive your digital codes instantly or within minutes after order for most sellers.

When you get the codes, you should forward them to the person you wish to send the gift to, they now have to redeem the codes on PSN store, they just need type the digital codes and the amount for that PSN card will be deposited in their wallet. Here are the steps to redeem the PSN card code;

How To Redeem PSN Cards

  • Log into your PS4 account, assuming you already have an account you created using your console, and you need internet connection as well.
  • When you land on the store, from the menu, you’ll notice the option ‘Redeem codes’, you should select that.
  • A box will show up where you’ll enter the 12-digit code that’s on the PSN card or that’s received electronically.
  • Once verified, the amount will be credited to your wallet and you can now make purchases from the store using your balance, it’s up to you to either buy games or other accessories.